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Alai Biscuit Factory

Alai Biscuit Factory is also specialized in the production of large, small and granular Amaretti. The successful growth of the Alai production is greatly contributed to the Amaretto in which the recipe, with a base of sugar, apricot pits and almonds was scrupolously cosidered in the original recipe that Alai fmly has handed down for four generations.

Tasty and unmistakable, the Alai Amaretti, large, small or granular have found their place in kitchens, pastry shops and ice cream parlors; they are also an enjoyable trat when offered with an aperitif and are perfect as a dessert. The "Alai Twins" (Savoiardo and Amaretto) have a 12-month shelf life if they are properly stored and are offered in the "catering" line as well as in the "supermarket distribution" with packaging and size for every need.

The ALAI BISCUIT FACTORY is homemade quality and exellence, also in its range of biscuits that can be either plain or filled. We have butter biscuit for every occasion to satisfy all palates even those who are particular or hard to please.

just as during the times of Grandfather Elico, founder of the Alai company in 1909, we follow the same principles and spirit as then, affirming that the best publicity for our products is the quality.

Alai Biscuit Factory is synonymous with tradition andgenuineneess.The guarantee of qualityis given by the natural ingredients, accurately controlled and processed with constant attention by our specialized personnel.

The Alai Biscuit Factory has specialized in the production of Savoiardi for almost 100 years. The soft Alai Savoiardi were thought out and realized in the early 1900s the "master of fine pastry making" Elico Alai.Today as back then, the Alai Savoiardi are not to be confused with the "savoiardi" eggs biscuits, but are used as part of the ingredients for the preparation of puddingdesserts(zuccotto, tiramisu, cassata Sicilian, zupa inglese, etc.).

The Soft Alai Savoiardi are produced adding only selected genuine ingredients to the fresh eggs. The long and laborious artisan work gives the possibility to offer to its clients a product that is soft but at the same time compact; a unique charatteristic that allows the Savoiardo to be cut horizontally doubling its yield but yet leaving the product intact. In this way it is easy to use even after being soaked in coffee or liquor.

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